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We host a variety of supper club nights in the comfort of our home all created around the tastes of authentic South African cuisine. For those who may not know what I mean by South African cuisine, it is a mix of many cultural influences all in one. Growing up, my house was always full of the aroma’s of curries, samosas, roti, fragrant chutneys and pickles. Durban curry is like no other you will have experienced, fragrant, rich and delicious with a well balanced kick of heat.

Aside from Indian influences, traditional South African food also has its roots in Dutch, Malay and African heritage and as such I love other classics like Potjiekos, Bobotie, Samp and Beans, Malva Pudding, Indian sweets and the famous Milk Tart!

We also cater for themed evenings on certain dates and bespoke catering can be arranged for special occasions including private hire and outside catering. We take orders for our famous delicious samoosa’s, frozen and ready for collection.

So, who am I?…

Shabir Ally

Shabir Ally

Founder & Executive Foodie - Durban Spice


Howzit! My name is Shabir, but all my family and friends call me Shabs! Myself and my wife, Sarah are passionate about food and hospitality and love hosting our dinners in the comfort of our lovely home restaurant!

It would be an understatement saying that I love food…..I absolutely adore eating and creating great food. Having been surrounded all my life by fantastic cooks in my family, I got a taste of what I wanted to be involved in from a very young age, learning my skill from both parents who have been catering and cooking for events for many years.
After 4 years in Hotel School and achieving a degree in Hospitality Management I then started my career in the Hospitality and Catering Industry which has spanned over 22 years. My first role was in the hotel kitchen and from there I worked my way up into Operational Management, working at high end venues including Blenheim Palace and The Ashmolean Museum.
I am a home cook and have been cooking for my family and friends for many years. Being born in South Africa and a Durban native my passion is cooking the delights that my country of birth has to offer.

We would love to share our delicious food with everyone who enjoys flavour, exciting combinations and trying something unique and traditional. So please come and join us for a delicious ‘chow’!

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Durban Spice

A culinary journey through the heart of South Africa. Supper Club Nights and bespoke catering.

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